Customer complaint handling

In accordance with CSSF regulation 16-07, Pandomus, as Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF), has an internal complaint handling policy which is available to its customers on request.

A complaint might be launched in writing by post, email or fax, or by telephone.

All complaints relating to a suspected breach of the professional secrecy or to a fraud must be submitted in writing.

In any event, complaints must clearly indicate the customer’s contact details and include a brief description of the reason for the complaint.

Complaints may be addressed:
  • by phone on (+352) 266 365-391 (Ms Nathalie DEMEURS/Compliance Officer)
  • by fax on (+352) 266 365 350
  • by email at the following address :

As soon as Pandomus receives a complaint, the latter will be sent to the departments concerned in order to be analysed and resolved as soon as possible.

If Pandomus is unable to deal with the substance of the complaint within 10 days of receipt, a written acknowledgement will be sent to the complainant within this time frame. This acknowledgement will include the name and contact details of the person handling the complaint.

Pandomus undertakes to ensure that complaints will be answered within one month from the date of receipt. If this time frame cannot be respected, Pandomus will inform the complainant of the reasons for the delay and give an indication as to when the complaint is expected to be resolved.

In the absence of a response or a satisfactory response, the complaint may be submitted again in writing to Mr John WANTZ, Managing Director in charge of complaints.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution or response given by the Managing Director, you can file a request for an out-of-court complaint resolution, in accordance with the provisions of regulation 16-07 issued by the Luxembourg financial regulator (CSSF).

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